Pollachius Virens

Since Cod and Haddock are premium species with high commercial value, Coley is definitely a tasty, sustainable substitute. Often referred to as either Saithe or Coalfish, it’s a cheaper member of the Cod family that should not be underestimated. Best enjoyed at its most fresh, Coley’s fine flavour and flaky texture is unleashed when deep-fried in batter or breadcrumbs, or poached for use in fish cakes, pies, casseroles and soups.

Coley are a gregarious species that are native to the cooler North Atlantic Ocean, but they usually enter coastal waters during the warmer seasons, and returns to deeper depths during the winter. A typical size for this demersal fish would be 13 inches in length and 6kg in weight, but they have been known to reach an impressive 47 inches and weigh up to 10kg.


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Many of our team have been in the industry since they were old enough to hold a filleting knife. Our collective experience of over 200 years in the fish & seafood industry has allowed us to establish relationships with major suppliers, which means we’re able to source the highest quality produce available for our customers all year round. From the production team, to our drivers, to the skippers and crews who go out daily and catch our fish for market, it’s the passion, skill and knowledge of our people that make My Fish Company the go-to supplier for many chefs throughout the North West.


Fish & seafood is at the heart of everything we do here at My Fish Company. Chefs will spend a lifetime satisfying their passion for food, creating dishes of expression & excellence. Our products are predominantly sourced in UK waters by UK vessels. We have strong connections in Shetland, Scrabster, Peterhead, Brixham & Newlyn. We also source some of our sustainable white fish from well-managed fisheries in Iceland and Norway. We only supply fresh fish in the truest sense of the word to ensure our seafood takes pride of place on every single plate.


We take great pride in what we do. Providing good, honest, fresh fish to our customers is something that we are genuinely passionate about. Exceeding our customer’s expectations is what drives us and this reflects in everything that we do. We’re committed to being the best and delivering the best to our customers. We have the highest calibre of specialists in sourcing, husbandry and preparation who possess a real love and passion for both our product and our industry.

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