Sepia Officianalis

As a relative to both Squid and Octopus, the Cuttlefish is a type of cephalopod. These predatory molluscs are characterised by their distinct heads with large eyes, a ring of tentacles and their ability to release clouds of dark ink when threatened.

Whilst holding the title of one of the ocean’s most intelligent invertebrates, Cuttlefish bode special cells beneath the service of their skin. These contain colour changing pigments that help them to attract a mate, hide from predators, confuse their prey, and even show its mood.

The preparation of a Cuttlefish can be a little messy, but it’s certainly worth the effort. Once skinned, its head provides brilliantly white meat that is best served either pan-fried or poached. The tentacles of a Cuttlefish are also delicious in a casserole, and even the ink can be ingeniously harvested for use in pastas or risottos!

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Fish & seafood is at the heart of everything we do here at My Fish Company. Chefs will spend a lifetime satisfying their passion for food, creating dishes of expression & excellence. Our products are predominantly sourced in UK waters by UK vessels. We have strong connections in Shetland, Scrabster, Peterhead, Brixham & Newlyn. We also source some of our sustainable white fish from well-managed fisheries in Iceland and Norway. We only supply fresh fish in the truest sense of the word to ensure our seafood takes pride of place on every single plate.


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